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Marital Counselling and Therapy 

Couples therapy for married couples is known as marital therapy. Here, both partners in a committed relationship are treated at the same time by the same therapist or psychologist. Marital therapy is concerned with problems within and between the individuals that affect the relationship. For example, one partner may have undiagnosed depression that is affecting the relationship, or both partners may have trouble communicating effectively with one another. Individual sessions may be provided separately to each partner, particularly at the beginning of therapy; most of the course of therapy, however, is provided to both partners together.

What to expect?

In order to better understand your relationship, the initial sessions will focus on understanding the history of your relationship, and areas that you are concerned about and will include an online assessment. You will have the time, space, and opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a safe space. The assessment results will be reviewed and used to develop a plan to meet your specific couple’s needs and work towards mutually agreed therapy goals.

Our approach will focus on emotional repair, skill building for managing conflict, developing new skills for enhancing friendship, and creating a system of shared meaning together within a safe space for healing and growing as a couple.

How would it benefit me/us?
Understanding the challenges within the relationship and working through them with the help of a professional can increase closeness and friendship behaviours, address conflict productively, and build a life of shared meaning together.
How can I gain more from this approach?

Flourishing Minds Clinic offers Marriage Intensive Outpatient Therapy (MIOT). It’s a condensed and focused approach to marriage counselling based on research showing that it is more effective to have more marital counselling sessions at the beginning of therapy and then phase them out later. MIOT offers practical benefits and is a good fit for couples who want a more intensive experience of therapy and for couples whose schedules do not allow them to go to weekly therapy sessions. And finally, it’s a great fit for couples who need to get help immediately.

The format of MIOT varies depending on the specific needs of your relationship. However, it will start with an assessment of the relationship history and your own individual backgrounds, followed by a discussion on the results of your relationship checkup assessment. This is vital in helping you develop insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and to also help you understand how these areas compare to the areas that have been found to be important in ensuring a happy or satisfying relationship.

MIOT is offered in different scheduled formats to suit various schedules:

  • Marriage Intensive Outpatient Therapy (MIOT) 1-day 6 hours
  • Marriage Intensive Outpatient Therapy (MIOT) 2-day 10 hours
  • Marriage Intensive Outpatient Therapy (MIOT) 3-day 14 hours

Our Specialists

Tina Balachandran

Clinical Director & Clinical Psychologist

Catherine Fernandez

Psychological Counselor