An Eight-Week Group Art Therapy Program for Anxiety

The “Palette of Emotions” group art therapy program aims to provide participants with a supportive and creative space to explore and manage their anxiety through art-making. Over eight weeks, participants will engage in various art activities, discussions, and reflective exercises to promote emotional well-being, self-discovery, and develop coping skills.

Week 1: Introduction and Icebreaker

  • Introduce the participants to each other, the art therapist and the group therapy structure.
  • Icebreaker activity to build rapport and create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Discuss the goals of the program and the benefits of art therapy for anxiety.

Week 2: Understanding Anxiety

  • Educate participants about anxiety, its symptoms, and triggers.
  • Facilitate a group discussion on shared experiences with anxiety integrating art activity.
  • Explore various art materials and techniques for emotional expression.
  • Art activity: Introduce ways to use an anxiety art journal to document personal feelings and thoughts.

Week 3: Expressive Art

  • Share experiences of first week using a visual journal.
  • Encourage participants to use colors and shapes to represent emotions.
  • Art activity: Emotion-focused painting or drawing.

Week 4: Art as a Mindfulness Tool

  • Introduce mindfulness techniques to manage anxiety.
  • Art activity: Explore mindful art-making to increase present-moment awareness.

Week 5: Art and Self-Identity

  • Explore their self-identity.
  • Discuss how self-perception affects anxiety levels.
  • Art activity: Mixed-media exploration of self.

Week 6: Art for Relaxation

  • Explore relaxation techniques through art-making.
  • Explore the therapeutic benefits of repetitive art processes.
  • Art activity: Mandala creation, repetitive pattern drawing and bilateral drawing.

Week 7: Art for Visualization and Positive Affirmations

  • Introduce how art can be used for visualization and positive reinforcement.
  • Integrating creating art that represents their desired outcomes and alternative perspectives.
  • Art activity: Explore individualised creative process in relation to positive affirmation artwork.

Week 8: Reflection and Closure

  • Reflect on the art therapy journey and personal growth throughout the program.
  • Review and share the artworks created during the program.
  • Group discussion on coping strategies and future self-care plans.
  • Final Group artwork.

The “Palette of Emotions” eight-week group art therapy program offers participants a transformative experience to manage their anxiety through creative expression. By using art as a means of self-discovery and emotional processing, participants can gain valuable insights, develop coping skills, and build a sense of empowerment over their anxiety. The supportive group setting fosters a sense of community and understanding, promoting emotional healing and well-being. Palette of Emotions is designed to equip participants with the tools they need to continue their journey towards anxiety management even after the program’s conclusion.

Patricia (Trish) Bedford

Art Therapist

Group Details

8-Week Art Therapy Program

Date: Sep 3rd – Oct 30th

Time: 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM


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Week 1 : 3rd Sep 2023

Week 2 : 10th Sep 2023

Week 3 : 17th Sep 2023

Week 4 : 2nd Oct 2023

Week 5 : 9th Oct 2023

Week 6 : 16th Oct 2023

Week 7 : 23rd Oct 2023

Week 8 : 30th Oct 2023