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Image of the Clinical Director - Tina Balachandran
Ms. Tina Balachandran, MSc., LCP, AVPSY, CCTP
Founder & Clinical Director
Flourishing Minds Clinic, Qatar

“We need to feel safe to open up, and we need to feel understood within our world. Our vision is to create a psychologically healthier and safe space for nationals and residents in Qatar to heal, grow, and flourish.”

Mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness but the presence of “a state of well-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community” – World Health Organization.

Everyone has mental health, and YOUR mental health matters to us.

Flourishing Minds Clinic is a safe space within the community for your mental health care and well-being. We are an outpatient facility located in Burj Marina Tower, Lusail, Qatar and licensed by the Ministry of Public Health, Qatar, as a Specialisation Health Center for Psychiatry and Rehabilitation.

Our multidisciplinary, culturally diverse team of clinical psychologists, psychological counsellors, art therapists, and psychiatrists are passionate about what we do. We bring together evidence-based approaches and apply culturally sensitive care, as our focus is on YOU as our client.

We are strong advocates for developing the field of psychology in Qatar, offer clinical supervision to fellow professionals, and provide consultation for other healthcare providers to support their mental health and well-being.

We closely engage with schools to support students, staff and faculty members, parents, and the leadership team through assessments, psychoeducational sessions, and therapy where needed.

Additionally, we build close relationships with workplaces as we recognise that work is a protective factor for our mental health. We create pathways for workplaces to offer mental health care and support to their workforce.

We believe in providing accessible mental health care to all and focus on individualised, high-quality care to help individuals, families, and organisations heal, grow, and flourish.

As mental health thought leaders, we are passionate about reaching out to the masses, improving mental healthcare, supporting integrated behavioural health, creating psychologically healthy and safe environments, and supporting people to achieve their highest potential and flourish.

Together we create Flourishing Minds!

Who we are

Flourishing Minds Clinic is a safe space within the community for your mental health care and well-being. Bringing together evidence-based approaches with culturally sensitive care, we provide individualised, high-quality care to individuals, families, and organisations to help them heal, grow, and flourish.

Our multidisciplinary, culturally diverse team of mental health professionals are passionate about what they do. They provide individualised, high-quality care to help individuals, families, and organisations heal, grow, and flourish.


Our Values


We care about your safety and provide an environment for our clients and staff to feel physically and psychologically safe; the physical space is designed to be safe, and our interpersonal communication style fosters psychological safety within the clinic.


We believe in transparency in our operations and decisions. Our goal is to build and maintain trust with individual clients, family members, staff, and others we interact with.


We engage with you to enable shared decision-making, providing choices and working together to set goals and determine the plan of action needed to support you in your healing journey.


We recognise that everyone has a role in their care and well-being. We believe in working together and levelling power differences between staff and clients and among our staff, from administrative and housekeeping personnel to professional staff to management. We are keen to demonstrate that healing and the meaningful sharing of power and decision-making happen in relationships.


As your care advocates, we are facilitators of your recovery and are here to walk with you along the path. We firmly believe in empowering our staff to bring out their potential to provide you with the best care. It is just as vital that our staff feel safe as those receiving our services.


We respect and value you for you! We offer access to gender-responsive services, leveraging the healing value of traditional cultural connections; incorporating protocols and processes that are responsive to the diverse cultural needs of the individuals served. We recognise and take into account the impact of historical and intergenerational trauma.

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